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    Get directions, maps, and traffic for Zwolle, . Check flight prices and hotel availability for your visit.


     · Where is Zwolle Located? Zwolle is located in the Netherlands (Gemeente Zwolle, Overijssel) in the time zone Europe/Amsterdam. Places of interest near Frankhuis, Hattem and Hasselt. Zwolle is a lively Hanseatic city with a medieval centre.

    Know Where is Zwolle located? Find out here location of Zwolle on Netherlands Map and it's information. Zwolle lies between latitudes 52.5125 and longitudes 6.0944438. Find out here location of Zwolle on Netherlands Map and it's information.

    Zwolle is located in Netherlands (Gemeente Zwolle, Overijssel) and time zone Europe/Amsterdam. Places nearby are Frankhuis, Hattem and Hasselt. Places nearby are Frankhuis, Hattem and Hasselt. Distance Calculator

    Zwolle is a town in Sabine Parish, Louisiana, United States. The population was 1,783 at the 2000 census. The first inhabitants of the bowl shaped area of land upon which the town of Zwolle is situated were the Mound Builders. Lured here for protection from storms, the "bowl" offered them protection. Prehistoric people built the dome-shaped mounds that line the banks of Bayou Scie and Bayou San …

    Zwolle is well-known throughout the Netherlands as a culinary city, as De Librije is one of the best restaurants in the country - awarded with three Michelin stars. However, those who would rather pay a bit less for lunch or dinner will be well looked-after in Zwolle. The cozy restaurants in historic surroundings, such as De Hoofdwacht in a building from 1614 or the Pestengasthuys (see below ...


     · Zwolle is a municipality that has around 120,000 inhabitants. The town has a beautiful medieval centre, with lots of well preserved and archeologically interesting buildings. Although most of the city wall has now gone there are still some of the gates and towers surviving. The Saxon gate is particularly interesting, as is the moat that was made in the shape of a star. Zwolle is also a very ...

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