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     · Win McMurry’s Net Worth. As of 2018 and based on authoritative sources, McMurry’s net worth is reported to be over $1 million, acquired from her more than a decade working as a reporter and anchor, including her time working behind the camera as a researcher, producer and writer. Win McMurry Personal Life . In terms of her personal life, McMurry is married to Evan White. The two …


     · Win McMurry’s Early Life. Born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, McMurry is the daughter of Jane Hight and Dr. John E. McMurry. She has a sister named Allison Louise McMurry. Although not a lot data is understood relating to her early schooling, it’s reported that she has all the time had a ardour for golf. even at an early age, and performed it in highschool. McMurry afterward attended the University …

    If you're like me, you miss Win McMurry at Golf Channel. She's talented, and clearly easy on the eyes. You would think that finding another job in television - and probably a prominent one - is something that Win will be able to do. So why the delay? There are many possible explanations. But maybe she just wanted a little time away. Maybe she just wanted to spend a little time on beaches, in ...


     · Win McMurry Wiki-Bio. Win McMurry was born on March 12, 1983, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina to Jane Hight McMurry and John E. McMurry. She completed her graduation from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Communications Studies. She did her Post-Graduate in Business from the Kenan-Flagler School of …


     · Win Mcmurry is an American sportscaster by profession. She hosts the shows of Golf channel’s “PGA Tour primetime and reporter of Golf Central, Morning Drive” (until 2013) and “Gone with the win”. McMurry is assumed to have the net worth of about $1 million. She is currently dating her boyfriend Evan White.

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