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Where was seinfeld shot

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    757 New Hampshire, Los Angeles, California, USA. (exterior shot of the Seinfeld's apartment) 7 of 8 found this interesting. Interesting?

    The pilot episode of the show was filmed in Stage 8of what is now Red Studiosat 846 North Cahuenga Boulevard in Los Angeles. The majority of the show was filmed at CBS Studio Centerat 4024 Radford...


     · A Guide to 'Seinfeld' Filming Locations in New York City. After you've made your mandatory pilgrimage to Tom's Restaurant, better known to fans of the show as Monk's, the coffee shop that Jerry and Co. …


     · Former ER actress Vanessa Marquez was shot dead by the South Pasadena police in a Los Angeles suburb on Thursday. The 49-year-old actress was shot after she pointed a BB gun at them, authorities ...


     · S2 E10The Baby Shower


     · Jerry's Apartment. The official street address Jerry Seinfeld always used, 129 W. 81st St, is in fact the location where the real Jerry Seinfeld lived back in …


     · Seinfeld Was Wrong About Keith Hernandez’s Spit-Shot, Possibly. It seems the entire Phillies team were just the patsies in Seinfeld’s “Magic Loogie” episode. Let me demonstrate. For ...


     · Seinfeld Actors Who Hit Rock Bottom. Seinfeld was a pop-culture monster of the '90s, both critically and commercially. During its 9-year …


     · The end of the Assman episode.

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