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    9. All of the following are considered to be Australians, but which is the only one who can truly be termed an antipodean? Olivia Newton-John. Rolf Harris. Nicole Kidman. Mel Gibson. NEXT>. 10. JRR Tolkien is a well-known English novelist, but he was not born anywhere in the British Isles.


     · Like our awesome page as well: www.facebook.com/moneyprobs much love for you guys! At The Hospital. At The Hospital. You were beautifully born at the hospital! Your family and friends are lucky to have you around them because you're such a great person. For more fun/rich/knowledge quizzes visit www.moneyprobs.com.

    New York. Other. You were born in the state known for sunny skies and sandy beaches. California. wikimedia.org. This wonderful southern state is where you were born. Texas. wikimedia.org. You were born in this sunny state.

    Where Were You Born ? 1 Comment. Hello . This is not a real quiz . But where were you born quiz will be fun . So take it share know about it and go for a trip to discover . Best of luck. Do you know where were you born in your last birth? Take this quiz and find about it . I wish you like this quiz please don't forget to rate and comment .

    Take the Quiz: Where Were They Born?. I will give you the name of a world-famous or infamous person and all you need to do is tell me where that person was born. Good luck!

    You were born in China in a past life. You were a hard working and virtuous person who took pride in your status and abilities. You excelled in life and valued your work and family. You were born in Australia in a past life. You were a laid back and easygoing person who was also adventurous and fun.

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