Where was ben barba born

Where was ben barba born

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Where was ben barba born

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    Gemini. Birthday. June Jun 13, 1989 ( age 31) Birthplace. Darwin , Australia. Popularity. Most Popular #58020. Born in Darwin, Australia #4. 31 Year Old Rugby Player #2.

    Ben Barba is a famous Australian rugby league player, who was born on June 13, 1989. As a person born on this date, Ben Barba is listed in our database as the 53rd most popular celebrity for the day (June 13) and the 343rd most popular for the year (1989). People born …

    Ben Barba is a retired player most recently playing for North Queensland Cowboys. Benjamin 'Ben' Barba (born 13 June 1989 in Darwin, Northern Territory) is an Australian professional Rugby League player who currently plays for St Helens in the Super League.


     · BEN BARBA'S COLOURFUL LIFE. July 2008 - Makes his NRL debut for Canterbury, in a 30-0 loss to St George Illawarra. March 2009 - Gets into …

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