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     · Tim “Youngblood” Chapman’s family and early childhood. Tim is a third-generation bondsman and the son of Ronald Chapman. Tim’s parents separated when he was two and a half years old so he and his older brother, Russell J. Chapman lived with their paternal grandparents. They spent their whole childhood together. Tim spent his teenage year living with his mother and his maternal …


     · Timothy Charles “Youngblood” Chapman was born on 13 May 1965, in Ventura, California USA, and is a retired bounty hunter, best known from being one of the stars of the reality television show entitled “Dog the Bounty Hunter”, in which he is seen assisting Duane “Dog” Chapman in tracking down and capturing wanted fugitives.


     · Timothy Charles ‘Youngblood’ Chapman was born on the 13th of May 1965 in Ventura, California. Tim’s parents Ronald Chapman and Diane Wimberly got a divorce when Tim was just two years old. This resulted in Tim and his brother Russell spending their childhood with Ronald’s parents rather than their own parents.


     · Born Timothy Charles Chapman on May 13, 1965, in Ventura, California, USA, the bounty hunter, who grew up in Ventura, is best known as Youngblood. His parents, Ronald Chapman and Diane Wimberly, a Colorado bondswoman, separated when he was two years and six months old.


     · Tim "Youngblood" Chapman is one of dog's associates who helped track down and capture the fugitives. Although Youngblood and Dog share the …

    Tim Chapman and his wife divorced because his wife had an affair and had a baby with another man.


     · It almost seems as though Tim "Youngblood" Chapman (no relation to Duane Chapman) has kind of dropped off the map these days, but one can hardly blame him Menu TV News


     · Retired bounty hunter Tim Chapman is known for appearing on A&E TV's “Dog the Bounty Hunter.”. Along with the other members of the show, including Duane "Dog" Chapman, Tim tracked down and captured wanted fugitives. Tim did not appear on the show from season five through season seven. Tim was first arrested, along with Duane and Leland Chapman, on ...

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