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    As a reference to telephony equipment, a telephone exchange is often also called a telephone switch. Originally, the exchange was created as a means of a provider receiving an inbound phone signal, interacting with a subscriber, and then switching the signal to whomever the subscriber wished to speak with. This was referred to early on in the history of telephony as "exchanging a call."

    Telephone Exchange Listing:Area Code 732. Exchange. Location. Telephone Company. County. 200. DUNELLEN, NJ. GLOBAL CROSSING LOCAL SERVICES, INC.-NJ.

    Telephone Exchange Listing:Area Code 814. Exchange. Location. Telephone Company. County. 201. ALTOONA, PA. MCI WORLDCOM COMMUNICATIONS, INC.

    Find your local telephone exchange to and see what services are available to you. Telephone exchange search | thinkbroadband The UK's largest independent broadband news and information site

    The BroadbandExposed telephone exchange search tool quickly maps the location of your nearest telephone exchange. Enter your postcode and the BroadbandExposed telephone exchange tool will not only show you the location of your local telephone exchange but it will also calculate the distance from your premises to your local telephone exchange.

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