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Where is spain in europe

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     · Spain is a country located in the Southern Europe: Coordinates : 40.433333, -3.7: Capital : Madrid: Largest City : Madrid: Neighboring Countries Andorra, France , Gibraltar, Portugal, Morocco Administrative divisions: 17 autonomous communities : Area : 505,992 sq km: Population: 47.27 Millions (2012) Official Language : Spanish: Currency : Euro (€) (EUR) ISO …

    Spain is a country located in southwestern Europe occupying most (about 82 percent) of the Iberian Peninsula.

    Where is Spain located? The country Spain is located on the continent of Europe. Neighbouring countries are: Andorra, France, Gibraltar, Morocco & Portugal.

    Located in southwestern Europe this peninsula contains Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar and Andorra. Apennine or Italian Peninsula; Located in the south of Europe, the Italian peninsula contains the states of Italy, San Marino and the Vatican City. Scandinavian Peninsula; Located in the north of Europe, Norway, Sweden and part of Finland. Fennoscandian Peninsula

    Spain is part of the G6 (EU). See also. Economic history of Spain; Foreign relations of Spain; History of Europe; List of missing landmarks in Spain; Monarchy of Spain; Politics of Spain; Notes


     · The latest data shows that 23,480 new coronavirus cases have been recorded across Spain since Friday, a decline from last Monday’s figure of 31,785. This means that Spain now has a total number of confirmed infections since the start of the pandemic of 813,412. And with the latest 139 recorded deaths since Friday, the official total number of victims now …

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