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    The Rhône Valley. To the south of Lyon, the Rhône Valley is steeped in history and legitimately deserves its title as a route of civilization, from prehistoric sites such as the Chauvet 2 -Ardèche cave to the Gallo-Roman remains of Vienne / Saint Romain en Gal, via Valence, classified as a Town of Art and History, the Rhône River has ...

    Explore Lyon & the Rhône Valley holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. | At the crossroads of central Europe and the Atlantic, the Rhineland and the Mediterranean, grand old Lyon is France's third-largest metropolis and its gastronomic capital. Savouring timeless traditional dishes in checked-tableclothed bouchons (small bistros) creates unforgettable memories â as do the majestic …


     · The Rhône valley stretches down from the compelling city of Lyon, the second-biggest city in France, to just north of Orange, in Provence. The north–south route of ancient armies, medieval traders and modern rail and road, the valley has experienced some industralization, but this has done little to affect the verdant, vine-dotted beauty of the countryside.

    If you look at the Rhône Valley map, you will find the Côtes du Rhône AOC just north of Provence, the warmer areas of Southern Rhône. What does Côtes du Rhône mean? Côtes du Rhône Means “sides of Rhône.” While the direct translation is “sides of Rhône,” the Côtes du Rhône wines represent an important AOC region of the Rhône Valley. It essentially means that the wines are produced in this …

    The Rhône Valley is one of the most historic and bountiful wine regions in France. It runs along the Rhône River from Beaujolais all the way to the Mediterranean Sea, where it intersects with the regions of Provence to the southeast and Languedoc to the southwest.

    This impossibly picturesque medieval town prospered from the 5th to the 15th century, but was abandoned in the early 1900s – until a group of artists decided to restore it. Now it’s inhabited year …

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     · The Rhone Valley is a key wine-producing region in southeastern France. It …

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