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    Jeremiah Trick, more commonly known as Ramsmeat is the leader, or king as he likes to call himself, of Vizima's underworld, running the less than law-abiding operations in the Temple Quarter. He likes to intimidate people and it is fairly clear from the moment that …

    Anyway, bribe the guards to let you in, otherwise sometimes ramsmeat is in the hair bair at night. TIP: You don't have to kill ramsmeat if you do some more snooping around. User Info: mongkon

    So, I just got to the quest where you need to confront Ramsmeat about his connections to salamandra. I went back to the inn and slept till morning, expecting to find Ramsmeat in …

    For The Witcher on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Ramsmeat has disappeared, can't advance".

    Suspect: Ramsmeat is a sub-quest of Vizima Confidential in Chapter II. It is part of Geralt's investigation into Salamandra. If this quest is solved before the autopsy, it makes the Anatomy of a Crime quest that much easier by eliminating Ramsmeat as a suspect and thus steering Geralt toward...

    Suspect: Ramsmeat is a sub-quest of Vizima Confidential in Chapter II. It is part of Γκέραλτ's investigation into Salamandra. 1 Walkthrough 2 Notes 3 Phases 3.1 Clues 3.2 Lack of Evidence 3.3 Innocent / Guilty 3.4 The Confrontation / Innocent 3.5 The Fight If this quest is solved before the...


     · To do it, the easiest way for me was to go to Shani's party, after the authopsy, and after the party giving her Red Roses, this will maker her give you evidences of Thaler is innocent, than go to him and get the "pass" to enter the cemitery. this helped me to get it back to line , thanks man PS : i hated Ramsmeat …


     · How to kill Ramsmeat? OK, my first time playing. I accused Kalkstein because that's where the story went. Now I have to kill Ramsmeat. He's in his house and as soon as I accuse him about 50 guys jump out of the woodwork wielding huge spiked clubs and I …


     · I need to confront Ramsmeat, but he has stopped dropping in at the Hairy Bear. He originally was there, but no he just lurks in his house, and attacking him there triggers a massive wave of enemies which feels impossible to escape/kill.

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