Where is ragweed found

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Where is ragweed found

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    Ragweed is most commonly found in disturbed areas, including corn and soybean fields. It also can be found in marshes, beaches, roadsides, gardens, and vacant lots. Common Ragweed, young plantPropagation: Common ragweed is an annual plant that grows from seed.


     · Ragweed. Ragweed is an annual or perennial plant of the genus Ambrosia, family Compositae or Asteraceae. Fifteen species are native to North America; 3 occur across Canada: common ragweed (A. artemisiifolia), perennial ragweed (A. coronopifolia) and giant ragweed (A. trifida). Ragweed pollen is the most prevalent cause of hay fever in Canada, and common ragweed can also …


     · I’ve seen Ragweed growing in both sunny and shady locations. Since I, too, do not like herbicides, my method is to pull up the plants — preferably after a good rain so they pull up easily, and preferably before they start blooming and turning to seed. It takes some work and is not 100% effective because, as you noted, new seeds arrive all the time. However, I can usually keep ahead of most …

    Where Does Ragweed Grow? Ragweed is found in fields, gardens, roadsides and waste areas all over the U.S., but it is the biggest problem in the East and Midwest. When Does Ragweed Bloom? Ragweed grows from August to November, peaking mid-September and ending with the first frost.

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