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    Pink Shirt Day. Join us on Friday 21 May, 2021 as we Kōrero Mai, Kōrero Atu, Mauri Tū, Mauri Ora – Speak Up, Stand Together, Stop Bullying! Register now to join the movement! Celebrated annually around the globe, Pink Shirt Day began in Canada in 2007 when two students took a stand against homophobic bullying, after a peer was bullied for wearing a ...

    Pink Shirt Day 2022 will be held on February 23rd— mark it in your calendars, and keep an eye out for updates on Pink Shirt Day 2022 on our social channels! Quick Facts Your donations support amazing local anti-bullying programs that teach empathy, compassion & kindness.

    This year, Pink Shirt Day, or Anti-Bullying Day, is on February 24. It is a day when people come together by wearing pink shirts to school or work to show they are against bullying. You can wear a...


     · Pink T Shirt Day is February 24, 2021. The International Day of Pink is April 14, 2021. United Nations Anti-Bullying Day May 4 Every Year. Check out some of our photos! Bullying is a major problem in our schools, workplaces, homes, and over the Internet. Each year, on Pink T-Shirt Day, I encourage all of you to wear something pink to symbolize ...

    Pink Shirt Day falls on the last Wednesday of February every year; join us next Pink Shirt Day on February 23rd, 2022 in our mission to create a more kind, inclusive world by raising awareness and funds for anti-bullying initiatives. Our Work. As the Pink Shirt Day movement grows each year, we not only see more and more people practicing kindness – both online and off – we are pleased to ...


     · Anyway, Pink Shirt Day is coming u p this week – on Wednesday, February 24th. Allow the students to create their own rules of engagement for the school – in their own words. They can present these words to the rest of the school with posters. Or, if you have time, they can act out examples to a student audience and get a conversation going.

    Pink Shirt Day 2021 t-shirts are now available from select Cotton On stores! Adults' t-shirts cost $25 and sizing ranges from XXS to 5XL. Children's t-shirts cost $15 and sizing ranges from 2 to 12. Wear it with pride to show you’re committed to preventing bullying and creating a more inclusive Aotearoa where everyone feels safe, valued and ...


     · The pink shirt anti-bullying movement started in 2007 after a grade nine student from a small town in Nova Scotia was bullied for wearing a pink t-shirt to school. As a show of support and acceptance, two of his classmates purchased 50 pink tank tops and handed them out to male classmates the next day. This year pink shirt day was held on Wednesday ...


     · 3) Add Detail. Add fine details such as a boarder, line, or pattern to create a detailed artwork for Pink Shirt Day. 4) Color your Poster! To finish your art piece up, color it with a variety of mediums or materials such as wax crayon, felt markers, oil pastel, or even paint.

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