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     · This 1920s Gothic landmark is a hit with its eye-catching art, wondrous views of downtown Dallas and cozy hidden nooks. There are many spaces to choose from, but one of our favorites for your holiday party in Dallas is the Penthouse Rooftop with its the cantilevered pool. The Joule also draws raves for its tasty catering and top-notch service.

    Dot’s is a solid place to grab a brew, indulge in some classic bar food and hang out under the Dallas night sky.

    Dallas, Texas birthday party locations for adults include big restaurant chains with private rooms as well as unique venues like golf course clubhouses, bars and lounges, and beautiful museums. Consider what the guest of honor likes to do and see if their favorite places host events.

    Looking for kids birthday party ideas? Look no further than Shenaniganz! Located in Rockwall and Greenville, Texas, we’re the best in Dallas-Fort Worth for birthdays, activities, entertainment, games, and fun! Shenaniganz makes birthday party planning easy and hassle-free. Each kids birthday party package comes with a dedicated party host, so parents can sit back, relax, or even join in the excitement. The Shenaniganz Party Promise: Your child will have a great birthday party …

    Hudson Grille Kennesaw. 17 miles from Dallas, GA. Capacity: 150. $1,000 to $1,500 for 50 Guests. Kennesaw features several party rooms with HDTV’s and projectors, large bar with 50 draft beers, pool tables, shuffleboard, video games, plenty of parking, and private dining from 12 to 150 guests! Restaurant/Bar/Pub.

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