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     · Papa Pixie (Boss) Level 150 HP 5,875,000 MP 250,000 EXP 0 Additional Points None Speed -20 Attack 5,236 Defense Physical: 450 Magic: 520 Defense Rate PDR: 30% MDR: 30% Elements: Fire Resistant Ice Resistant Poison Resistant Lightning Resistant Holy Resistant Dark Resistant Physical Neutral Undead? No Other: Category Spirit Equipment Drops None

    Unique attack: Ranged area attack, dispels players' status effects, heals 150HP every 10 seconds, heals 20MP every 10 seconds, summons Star Pixie, Lunar Pixie, and Luster Pixie HP Recovery/10 secs: -


     · The legend of Papa Pixie: Spiruna: Category Orbis: Pre-requisites To have Spiruna's Concern completed; At least Level 73; Available Spiruna examined the Pixie's sculptures and asked us to look for him again. In Progress Spiruna said that Papa Pixie, the king of all pixes, has stirred all the other Pixies into a frenzy. Might this have to do with the Tower of Goddess appearing out of nowhere?

    Avoidability: 25. Weak against (Magic): -. Normal against (Magic): -. Strong against (Magic): Fire, Poison, Ice, Lightning, Holy. Immune to (Magic): Heal. Unique attack: Ranged area attack, dispels players' status effects, summons Star Pixie, Lunar Pixie, and Luster Pixie. …

    The only place you can (and have ever) face Papa Pixie is in Orbis PQ. For the newer aged players, that the Goddess PQ from the Wonka kid in the PQ room. In general, it's a very easy party quest and doesn't take too long. It requires 3+ players

    The legend of Papa Pixie (Level 51 - 70) El Nath Mt. & Aquaroad Quest. Pre-requisite: Spiruna's Concern completed. Item (s) Needed: None. NPC (s) Involved: Procedures: Talk to Spiruna at Orbis: Old Man's House. Complete the Remnants of Goddess Party Quest and defeat 1 Papa Pixie.

    Ice, Fire, Lightning, Holy, Poison . Immune to (Magic): - Unique attack: -

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     · Just my character in Orbis PQ killing the boss Papa Pixie. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features © 2020 ...

    Papa Pixie Familiar | Hidden Street. Home » Item » Useable Item » Familiar. Papa Pixie Familiar. Sold for: 1 mesos. Max per slot: 1. Dropped by: Papa Pixie.

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