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    ORANGE BOWL LEGACY. The Orange Bowl is steeped in rich history and tradition in its 87 years of existence. Click below to find out information on the Orange Bowl Hall of Fame, the Capital One Orange Bowl-FWAA Courage Award, the Lou Groza Award and the history of the Orange Bowl. CLICK HERE FOR ORANGE BOWL LEGACY.

    Orange Bowl in the community. THE FOUR PILLARS OF ORANGE BOWL COMMUNITY OUTREACH. Created in 1935 with the mission of generating tourism for South Florida, the Orange Bowl continues to leave lasting imprints in South Florida.


     · The Orange Bowl is being played in the Miami area, as usual. It's technically been played for the last 25 years in Miami Gardens, where Hard Rock Stadium is located.


     · The game will be played at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Fla. The Orange Bowl is one of the more prominent and oldest bowl games of the …

    December 12-21, 2021. The J unior Orange Bowl International Tennis Championship is one of the most important and prestigious junior tennis tournaments in the world! This globally recognized event brings together over 1,100 of the top ranked male and female 12-and-under and 14-and-under junior players representing 70 countries!

    Tickets for the 2022 Orange Bowl are on sale now at Hard Rock Stadium this January. Get your Orange Bowl 2022 Tickets today!

    2018 Orange Bowl - G 18 Singles Champion. 2018 Orange Bowl - B 16 Singles Champion. 2018 Orange Bowl - B 18 Singles Champion

    To check out all upcoming Orange Bowl Parade events schedule in your area and to book Orange Bowl Parade tickets, please feel free to give us a call today at (866)4599233 or contact us directly. Our dedicated customer reps work round the clock to help you search upon Orange Bowl Parade events timings, Orange Bowl Parade event details, Orange Bowl Parade tickets, prices, payments, and …

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