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    SQL NOT IN. The NOT IN operator is used when you want to retrieve a column that has no entries in the table or referencing table. This is important for keywords when we want to find records to management questions such as: Which customer has not done any transaction with us? Which product is not selling in the past few days?

    The syntax for the NOT condition in SQL is: NOT condition Parameters or Arguments condition This is the condition to negate. The opposite of the condition be …

    Introduction: The WHERE clause can be combined with AND, NOT, and OR in SQL operators. The AND and OR in SQL operators are used to filter records, Therefore filters records on the basis of more than one condition: The AND the operator in SQL displays a record if …

    SELECT column-names. FROM table-name. WHERE condition1 AND condition2. A WHERE clause with OR: UPDATE table-name. SET column-name = value. WHERE condition1 OR condition2. A WHERE clause with NOT: DELETE table-name.


     · SQL NOT Syntax. The syntax for the NOT operator is: SELECT column_1, column_2, … column_n FROM table WHERE NOT condition When multiple conditions are combined using the NOT operator, all rows which do not meet the given conditions will be returned. We can use this operator with our gym example in a number of useful ways. What if we wanted to find all of our members that were …

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     · Combining AND, OR and NOT. You can also combine the AND, OR and NOT operators. …

    The SQL WHERE clause is used to restrict the number of rows affected by a SELECT, UPDATE or DELETE query. The WHERE condition in SQL can be used in conjunction with logical operators such as AND and OR, comparison operators such as ,= etc. When used with the AND logical operator, all the criteria must be met.


     · For example, I could have a table called fruits. ID | Name | Colour ------------------------- 1 | Strawberry | Red 2 | Apple | Red 3 | Grape | Red 4 | Banana | Yellow. From this table, I could execute a SELECT * FROM [fruits] WHERE Colour = 'Red', and it would retrieve the following:

    SQL WHERE IN Examples. Problem: List all suppliers from the USA, UK, OR Japan. SELECT Id, CompanyName, City, Country. FROM Supplier. WHERE Country IN ('USA', 'UK', 'Japan') Result: 8 records. Id. CompanyName. City.

    The IS NOT NULLcommand is used to test for non-empty values (NOT NULL values). The following SQL lists all customers with a value in the "Address" field: Example. SELECT CustomerName, ContactName, Address. FROM Customers. WHERE Address IS NOT NULL;

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