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    Northwood is a city in Wood County, Ohio, United States. The population was 5,471 at the 2000 census. Northwood was originally Ross Township. It was the northernmost township in Wood County from its establishment on April 18, 1874 until December 1, 1962. Farms, gardens, orchards, and railroads covered the area located just south of east Toledo. In 1898 Edward Ford's glass factory was built …

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    Fire-safe hotels and motels in Northwood, Ohio: Comfort Inn, 2426 Oregon Rd, Northwood, Ohio 43619 , Phone: (419) 666-2600, Fax: (419) 666-0076. Baymont Inn And Suites, 2600 Lauren Ln, Northwood, Ohio 43619 , Phone: (419) 662-1200, Fax: (419) 662-1208. All 2 fire-safe hotels and motels in Northwood, Ohio. Most common first names in Northwood, OH ...

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