Where is lake lachrymose

Where is lake lachrymose

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Where is lake lachrymose

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    Lake Lachrymose is an enormous lake that is the setting of The Wide Window. Its name can also refer to the small little coastal village located next to this dangerous body of water. Contents

    Probably because the people who founded the town were VFD volunteers, and Lake Lachrymose is actually a man-made lake that was carved into the shape of their logo with dynamite or something... either that or it's natural and was the inspiration for VFD's logo...

    Lake Lachrymose. This lake is the central feature of The Baudelaires new home. It is a large body of water, home to the Lake Lachrymose leeches. Aunt Josephine's husband, Ike, was killed by the leeches. Several caves line the shores and Aunt Josephine's house is located above the lake …


     · Lake Lachrymose is an enormous lake that is the setting of The Wide Window. The name "Lake Lachrymose" can also refer to the small little coastal village. It was discovered by and named after explorer Ivan Lachrymose.

    Most of the story takes place near Lake Lachrymose, where the children are sent to live with their Aunt Josephine. The word "lachrymose" means "tearful" or "weepy," and the setting is rainy and ...


     · Lake Lachrymose Sad Country Covers, released 02 February 2016 1. Waitin' Around to Die 2. My Sister's Tiny Hands 3. Simple Love 4. I Dream a Highway 5. Romulus 6. Reprise Do you need some sad, Country songs in your life? Would you prefer that they are covers of significantly lower quality than the originals?

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