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     · Carrey’s Life in Los Angeles. Jim Carrey had been working in the United States as a successful actor and comedian for decades before he was finally able to get his American citizenship. In 2004, Carrey announced that he recieved his citizenship, but that “Canada made him the person he is”.

    Jim Carrey's Homes. Jim Carrey, famous Hollywood actor and comedian, owns and resides in a beautiful west Los Angeles, California mansion. Jim Carrey's estate is located at the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains. His estate is placed on North Tigertail road and he lives in a neighborhood that is called Brentwood. Brentwood is the wealthiest neighborhood in Los Angeles. I am sure you can see why Jim …


     · Born James Eugene Carrey in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, on Jan. 17, 1962, Jim Carrey was the youngest of four children. When he was 12, his father lost his job as an accountant and was unable to get a similar role. As a result, the family had to live in a van for nearly a year and even stayed in a tent in a relative’s backyard. In 2011, Carrey opened up to “Inside The Actor’s Studio” host James …

    NEWS. » Send to friend. Jim Carrey Is New Maui Resident. 31 Aug 2017. By Eva Araújo(Web correspondent) That's right! Last week, Shep Gordon (An American talent manager), hosted at his home in Hawaii, a political fundraiser with a party with live music, culinary delights and famous people. You probably have, already seen the video clip we shared of ...

    Jim Carrey does have a brother. His name is John Carrey. Jim Carry also has two sisters named Rita Carrey, and Patricia Carrey Fornier.

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