Where is gosselin house

Where is gosselin house

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Where is gosselin house

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     · The six-bedroom, five-bathroom, two-powder-room home at 298 Heffner Road, Wenersville, Pa. sold for $1.085 million last month, according to Realtor.com.


     · Before Kate and Jon Gosselin called it quits for good, they purchased a home together in Wernersville, Pa. — a gorgeous place situated on nearly 24 acres of land.


     · It sold for $1,085,000. On the show, the house featured six bedrooms and seven bathrooms in Wernersville, Pennsylvania. It's got a detached garage, a pool, the works. According to Zillow, the property was sold in late January 2021 but Jon and Kate bought the house back in 2008 for around the $1.1 million mark before they divorced the following year.


     · You've seen this home on television! The reality TV star Kate Gosselin has listed her six-bedroom family home in Wernersville, PA, for $1.3 million.


     · The former reality star and polarizing television personality has moved from Pennsylvania to North Carolina. As previously reported, Gosselin sold the home …


     · Gosselin and Jon bought a 7,591-square-foot estate in Pennsylvania in 2008, at the height of Jon & Kate Plus 8's popularity in 2008. The estate sits on 23 acres and includes six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a swimming pool, and a full chef's kitchen. Gosselin first listed the home …


     · Kate Gosselin of Kate Plus 8 fame recently raised eyebrows in October 2020 when she apparently put her Pennsylvania house up for sale (via The U.S. Sun ). Sitting on 23.88 acres, the Wernersville home that she bought with ex-husband Jon Gosselin in 2008 — before their acrimonious split in 2009 — cost the couple $1.2 million.


     · Kate Gosselin has relocated from Pennsylvania to North Carolina, HollywoodLife has EXCLUSIVELY learned. The former reality star took four of her …


     · KATE Gosselin has put her house on the market as she's "struggling with money" following a bitter 11-year custody battle with ex Jon, a source exclusively told The Sun. The mother of eight, who has been at war with her former husband for years, is set to lose an eye-watering $385,000 as she's listing the home in Pennsylvania for $815,000 - despite having purchased it for $1.2million 12 years ago.

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