Where is fuzhou in china

Where is fuzhou in china

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Where is fuzhou in china

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    Where is Fuzhou located? Fuzhou is located in China (Fujian) and time zone Asia/Shanghai. Places nearby are Shangjie, Rong’an and Tingjiang.

    Know Where is Fuzhou located? Find out here location of Fuzhou on China Map and it's information. Fuzhou lies between latitudes 26.0613889 and longitudes 119.3061142.

    Fuzhou, city and capital of Fujian sheng (province), southeastern China. It is situated in the eastern part of the province on the north bank of the estuary of Fujian’s largest river, the Min River, a short distance from its mouth on the East China Sea.

    Fuzhou, Fujian, China. Latitude and longitude coordinates are: 26.075300, 119.308197. Fuzhou is a large city and the capital of the province of Fujian, which is in eastern China.

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