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    Peterborough ON – (May 6, 2021) – Fleming College is strengthening collaborations within the Ontario college sector by expanding its partnership with Seneca. The two institutions have signed a five-year comprehensive agreement to provide Fleming graduates more than 80 pathway options to 12 honours bachelor degree programs at Seneca. Diploma and advanced diploma graduates from Fleming can ...


     · Fleming College is known to be in partnership with Trent University. The institute comprises four campuses, namely Sutherland campus, Cobourg campus, Haliburton campus, and the Frost campus. Sutherland campus is the main campus which is located in Canada.

    Where is Fleming College , Ontario. The College Fleming College is located in Ontario Canada. There are 644 places (city, towns, hamlets …) within a radius of 100 kilometers / 62 miles from the center of Fleming College (ON), the nearest place in the area is Byersville, Ontario.

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