Where to eat dim sum

Where to eat dim sum

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Where to eat dim sum

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     · Dim Sum (點心) is a Chinese dish originated from Guangdong region of China. Do you eat dim sum with chopsticks? Hold the piece of dim sum with a pair of chopsticks. You can put a whole piece of dim sum in your mouth if you want, but it may be hot. Take smaller bites to savor the flavor for longer and to let the food cool down in between bites.


     · Peach Garden serves lunch dim sum but the cheapest way to eat dim sum here is at their tea between 3-5 pm where you can get up to 50% off the Peach Garden a la carte and dim sum menu items ($38 per person while it’s $42 on weekends).


     · Jin Xuan is another dim sum restaurant where you can satisfy your cravings for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. With around 10 franchises all over Klang Valley, customers say the one at Damansara Jaya is one of the best. When you're there, make sure to …


     · The best dim sum in Hong Kong on a budget Dim Dim Sum. For my first meal in Hong Kong, I headed to the closest dim sum spot I’d heard of near my accommodations in the Jordan district of the city. Listed as one of the 101 best places to eat (as chosen by chefs), Dim Dim Sum is actually a chain with multiple branches.

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