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     · A drive shaft, also known as a propeller shaft or Cardan shaft, is a mechanical part that translates the torque generated by a vehicle's engine into usable motive force to propel the vehicle. Physically, it is tubular in design, with an outside metal housing that protects an interior metal cylinder, which spins at a frequency governed by engine output. Depending on the engine and drive …

    A drive shaft is an elongated round shaft, usually made of steel, that runs from the engine to gears that turn the wheels of a vehicle. The pistons of an engine transfer their power to a set of gears that turn the drive shaft, creating torque. The torque is then transferred through the drive shaft to the gearing of the wheels, making them spin. It is what makes the car go.


     · Driveshaft definition is - a shaft that transmits mechanical power. Recent Examples on the Web An inadequate amount of rear axle lubricant may cause rear wheel bearing damage and bearing seizure, and rear axle or driveshaft failure. — USA TODAY, "Car recalls for April 1-8," 8 Apr. 2021 An inadequate amount of rear axle lubricant may cause rear wheel bearing damage and bearing seizure, …

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