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     · Indri Distribution and Habitat Like all Lemurs, the Indri is found only on the island of Madagascar in lowland jungle and tropical forests. Lemurs are arboreal animals meaning that they spend the majority of their lives, eating, sleeping and mating high up in the trees.

    The Indri is native to the eastern forests of Madagascar and is the largest species of Lemur on the whole island. The local natives believe the Indri to be an ancestor of man and as such the species is protected to a certain degree with locals banning hunting and human consumption.

    Where does the Indri live? Madagascar is known as the island of lemurs, and like all lemurs this is the homeland of the indri. They are found in the lowland jungles and tropical forests. Indris live in groups of two to six individuals.


     · On which island do the indri and aye-aye live? The indri and aye-aye are types of lemur, and they are found on the island of Madagascar. What is the indri biome?

    The Indri lemur is a native Madagascar species, where this animal was abundant and widespread throughout in the 1900s. The current range of the Babakoto is restricted to the area between Mangoro River and Sambava city in the eastern part of the island. Ideal habitat for this species is coastal and montane rainforest.

    Indri indri is an endangered species. It is endemic to Madagascar, and it is losing its rainforest habitat for fuel, timber, and slash-and-burn agriculture. Destruction is occurring even in protected areas. Hunting of indris is taboo to the local people, although occasionally one is killed for food. Indris are not typically kept in captivity. Previous attempts to do so have been unsuccessful.

    Indri indri; Usage on he.wikipedia.org אינדרי; Usage on hu.wikipedia.org Indri; Usage on hy.wikipedia.org Ինդրին; Usage on id.wikipedia.org Indri; Usage on incubator.wikimedia.org Wp/avk/Bancol (Indri) Wp/avk/Bancol (Indri indri) Usage on ja.wikipedia.org インドリ; Usage on nl.wikipedia.org Indri (halfaap) Usage on no.wikipedia.org Indri


     · Most people in India live in the rural areas; they account for 73 percent of the total population. The remaining 27 percent live in the cities and towns. Today, there are about 1.2 billion people living in India. The Ganges Plain, in eastern and northern India, is considered one of the most populated areas in the world. It is home to over 900 million people. The most populated city is Mumbai ...

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