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    Eskimo (Martin Kallasvee) is a young and talented hip-hop artist & producer from Estonia. In 2007 he produced his electronic debut album “PSST! - Pole Sõnu Sõnumiks Tarvis” (MindNote records) which is mainly instrumental, with slight touches of jazz.

    The DJ Eskimo Show – U R Now in tune…. The DJ Eskimo Show. U R Now in tune…. Home. music. INFO. pics. SHOP. contact.

    DJ ESKIMO. 91 likes. 5 years experienceReal name Gabrielcheap prices. Jump to.

    Eskimo Recordings is a Ghent-based record label that grew out of the eclectic parties that took place during the late nineties in the Eskimo Fabriek in Ghent. These underground parties got famous for mixing synthpop, new wave, acid house, funk and rock ‘n’ roll into a new and fresh sound, setting new standards for the Belgian club culture.

    Yo yo yo! It's ya main man comin' off the line! Tha name is DJ ESKIMO and I produce some SICK BEATS!!!! So far I've made TWO original albums and got one more on the way!! •Haha, Classic - (2017 ...

    ESKIMO, biography, events, dj mixes, discography, photos, cds/albums, links, news, booking information and much more.

    DJ ESKIMO PORQUE HOJE DEUS É UMA BALA. terça-feira, junho 01, 2010. DUM DUM BULLET EM ESCUTA. Publicada por Eskimo à(s) terça-feira, junho 01, 2010 8 comentários: terça-feira, maio 11, 2010. TUDO SOBRE O NOVO DOS MISSION.


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