Where did ventriloquism originate

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Where did ventriloquism originate

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    Ventriloquism is of ancient origin. Traces of the art are found in Egyptian and Hebrew archaeology. Eurycles of Athens was the most celebrated of Greek ventriloquists, who were called, after him, eurycleides, as well as engastrimanteis (“belly prophets”). Many peoples are adepts in ventriloquism—e.g., Zulus, Maoris, and

    Where did it originate? Ventriloquism started as a religious practice with the Ancient Greeks and Romans, it comes from the Latin term 'to speak from the stomach'. Back then people thought ventriloquists were interpreting the voices of the dead.


     · Ventriloquism dates back as early as ancient Greece, where it was often associated with magic. During the Middle Ages, performing ventriloquism was often considered a form of witchcraft, complete with all the punishments.

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