Where did mojitos originate

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Where did mojitos originate

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    From the 1500s, to a 2002 James Bond movie, the Mojito has had an interesting journey from invention to one of the most popular drinks of the new millennium. As with all cocktail histories, the Mojito’s origin story is often disputed, particularly by “La Bodeguita del medio” in Havana, Cuba.


     · Cocktails. Spirits. Collections. About Bevvy. The History of the Mojito. By Will Shenton Cocktails, Drinks, Rum, Rum Hub Jul 18, 2016 Jul 18, 2016. This post is part of our Rum Hub. G iven that its name derives from mojo, an African word meaning to cast a spell, it’s not surprising that there’s something a little bit magical about the Mojito.


     · Some believe that it originates from the word Mojo, which means “to place a little spell”. It is also a Cuban seasoning which is made with lime. Others think that it comes from the word mojadito, which is Spanish for “a little wet” or mojado, which simply means “wet”.


     · Where did mojitos originate? The classic mojito is a traditional Cuban cocktail and it has all but swept the nation here in the USA. Along with this classic version, many equally delicious fruity variations have now also become quite popular. Mojitos …

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