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    Dec 06, 2017

     · Boone was born on November 2, 1734, in a log cabin in Exeter Township, near Reading, Pennsylvania. His father, Squire Boone, Sr., was a Quaker blacksmith and weaver who met his wife, Sarah Morgan,...

    Daniel Boone, (born c. November 2, 1734, Berks county, Pennsylvania [U.S.]—died c. September 26, 1820, St. Charles county, Missouri, U.S.), early American frontiersman and legendary hero who helped blaze a trail through Cumberland Gap, a notch in the Appalachian Mountains near the juncture of Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

    Dec 05, 2019

     · Boone was born on November 2, 1734, in Berks County, Pennsylvania, the sixth child of eleven born to immigrant Quaker parents, Squire and Sarah. He spent much of …

    Sep 24, 1964

     · With Fess Parker, Patricia Blair, Darby Hinton, Dal McKennon. Frontier hero Daniel Boone conducts surveys and expeditions around Boonesborough, running into both friendly and hostile Indians, just before and during the Revolutionary War.

    American Pioneer Frontiersman. Born in Pennsylvania, the sixth of twelve children to Quaker parents, Sarah Jarman Morgan and Squire Boone, a weaver and blacksmith. As a boy, Boone received an elementary education. The Boone family left Pennsylvania around 1750 and eventually settled in North Carolina. In 1756 he...

    The Daniel Boone National Forest Helitack Program marked its 60th anniversary in 2020. This program was the first Helitack Crew established east of the Mississippi River – a milestone for the Forest, Region 8, and the Forest Service Aviation Program.

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