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    Know Where is Dalian located? Find out here location of Dalian on China Map and it's information. Dalian lies between latitudes 38.9122222 and longitudes 121.6022186.


     · Dalian is a five million city in Liaoning province in northeastern China. It is China's northernmost ice-free Seaport. Dalian is the second largest city in Liaoning.

    Where is Dalian located? Dalian is located in China (Dalian Shi, Liaoning) and time zone Asia/Shanghai . Places nearby are Dalianwan , Jinzhou and Lüshun .


     · Dalian (大连; Dàlián) [http://www.dl.gov.cn] is the second largest city in Liaoning Province, Dongbei (Northeast), China and the largest port in northern China as well as a major destination for Chinese tourists.

    Dalian is a large city and an important port situated in the southernmost part of Liaoning province in the north eastern China. It is a very modern city and an important center of finance, business, economy, logistics, and trade. Dalian is a coastal city located on …

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