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Where can weigh my truck

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    Create a Weigh My Truck account, get the app and start saving time today! Get the App. Weighing on a CAT Scale just got easier! Create a Weigh My Truck account, get the app and start saving time today! Create Driver Account. How to Use Getting Started. Log-In. Drivers and Fleet Managers, log-in …

    You can use our locator along the way or wait until you reach your destination - as long as you get your weight tickets before returning your truck. Just enter your location info - city, state, zip, etc. - and weigh your vehicle when it works for you. Weigh Station. Location type. Weigh Station.

    Nov 19, 2017

     · In this video we talk about weighing our RV. We take it to a CAT scale and show you how simple it is to use the weigh my Truck app to get a weight on your ...

    If your truck was 1,000 pounds overweight, your ticket would cost $175 in Minnesota, but only $10 in Louisiana. Vehicle weigh stations are not optional for most truck drivers, but they can be planned and prepared for before starting a trip. If a driver tries to push their luck by avoiding or bypassing weigh stations they can be fined, arrested ...

    Oversize Weigh. As with a split-axle trailer, weighing an oversized load will also require you to move your truck during the weighing process. As you pull onto the scale make sure that your truck is in position 1.Position 1: Your steer axle should be positioned on platform 1 and your drive axle on platform 2.Position 2: The trailer axle of your first trailer would be on platform 1, front axle ...

    CAT Scale Locator. Welcome to the CAT Scale Locator. Please enter a postal. code or city and state Below then chose your search. preference from the drop down menu.

    If a truck driver has a load that goes over the allowed limit, they’ll simply get a ticket. We usually weigh RVs at truck stops. You can find them on every highway, and they are the most wide-spread. Almost every truck stop has a weighing scale, and that’s one of the main reasons why they are the most convenient option to go for. However ...

    Find Public Scales. Public Scales.org has been established to assist new vehicle owners in obtaining a Motor Vehicle Registration Weigh master Weight Certificate. A California public weighmaster's certificate of the vehicle's unladen or empty weight is required for trucks and pickups. Find a public weighmaster near you. Public Scales. (c ...

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