Where can i buy paraffin

Where can i buy paraffin

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Where can i buy paraffin

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     · Do a local search for Oil manufacturers . Most use commercial paraffin in the blending and it is a stock product and will be the cheapest you can buy . I am lucky I have Millers Oils in Brighouse nearby that do everything from paraffin to the specialist oils for Caterham Motorsport . …

    With a range of affordable advertising options available, there is no other website in the UK that gives you such direct access to consumers ready to buy paraffin. Call us on 0800 832 1111 and talk to one of our friendly team, who will help you get online today.


     · Re: Where can you buy paraffin? « Reply #7 on: November 09, 2008, 21:15:09 ». i pay now £4.50 for 4litres fron a small hardware shop but they have said that selling loose parrafin is now illegal due to european laws and should only be purchased in sealed plastic containers. This is possibly correct as all outlets garages etc no longer sell it.

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     · Paraffin Wax NZ Suppliers. Find where to buy products from suppliers in NZ, including: …

    DSL Fuels - Diesel Supply Logistics (Pty) Ltd specialises in the wholesale trading of petroleum products since 2012. With our head office located in Hazelwood and our main fuel depot located in Watloo Pretoria we are ideally situated to supply and deliver diesel, petrol, avgas, jet fuel and paraffin within Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Freestate, Northwest ...


     · You can sometimes buy food grade paraffin wax from your local grocery store, supermarket, or big-box store (check the aisle where the canning supplies are). Craft stores or specialty stores that sell supplies for candy making are also worth checking out. Before purchasing, always make sure the wax is food grade and intended for human consumption.

    Paraffin lamp with pink glass centre. Muizenberg, Peninsula False Bay. R 2 900. Paraffin lamp with large solid brass base and pink glass container and a shade with painted daisies. Glass shade has a wavy rim at the top.

    Tlhabane, Rustenburg, North West • Paraffin Suppliers. Phone: 014 565 2417. Fax: 014 565 3867. Email: manny@dmsuels.co.za.

    Our premium Paraffin is for use in heaters and lamps. Competitively Priced. Safe and easy to use. Premium Quality. Our premium Paraffin comes in a 4 Litre container and is packed in four containers per case. Each container comes with a safety cap and full comprehensive safety and usage instructions. Each 4 litre container has a carry handle for ...

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