Where can i buy pagers

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Where can i buy pagers

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    What is a pager? Can you track a pager? Can anyone buy a pager? Are pagers still a thing? How do you send a page? How do you use pager voice mail? Pager Transfer Information; Where Can I Buy a Pager? Ebay or Amazon pager? Can I reactivate my old pager? Questions to ask before buying; Virtual Paging with Pager App; Laser Wash 4000 setup information

    "Where can I buy a pager near me?" Much to your surprise, you probably haven't had much luck and some people may have looked at you like you just stepped out of the twilight zone. Comments like..."Pagers? they haven't been around since the 90's" or "Nobody uses pagers anymore, get a cellphone" or maybe just a roll of the eyes like "ok, yeah, pagers, uh huh" …

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