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    Discover our range of standard plasterboard sheets. Available in all sizes from 12.5mm to 19.0mm Click and Collect is available or enjoy free UK delivery on selected orders over %pound;150 excl. VAT.

    Buy the highest quality collection of Plasterboard from top brands, ideal for use in internal walls, ceilings, and partitions for both domestic and commercial premises. Top Rated Plasterboard Suppliers in the UK for trade and DIY. Best Price Guarantee. Shop Today. View range here.


     · Where Can You Buy Plasterboard? For the widest supply of plasterboard, British Gypsum has significantly more products than this time one month ago, plus a healthy selection of plaster. On 5 June, Matt Pullen, managing director of British Gypsum, said: “From the start of this week, all of our plasterboard and plaster plants are consistently operating at over 80% capability.

    43 Products. Browse a wide range of plasterboard. With insulated plasterboard for thermal performance, wallboards for partitions, square edge plasterboard & more. ... British Gypsum Gyproc WallBoard Square Edge 1800 x 900 x 9.5mm. British Gypsum Gyproc WallBoard Square Edge 2400 x …

    Buy Now. Plasterboard. Wickes Plasterboard is available in a variety of formats, including wallboard, baseboard and insulated plasterboard. Plaster. The Wickes range of British Gypsum bagged plaster has been created to cover most plastering finishes and backgrounds. Plastering Tapes & Adhesives.

    At Jewson, we have a large range of plasterboard and plaster supplies available across the UK. We stock plasterboard in various sizes, thicknesses and specifications, including fire-resistant and thermal. Apply finishing plaster over plasterboard for a clean and smooth finish which can be decorated. Whether you need a small bag of plaster for a wall repair job, or large bags for big jobs, we’ve got you covered. …

    Essentially, yes. Drywall is also known as Plasterboard, and they both serve the same purpose of being used in the construction of interior walls and ceilings. How Much Does Plasterboard Cost? Plasterboard can range from £5 to £20 when purchasing online. The price will vary dependent on the attributes of the plasterboard. If you are looking for cheap plasterboard, it is worth looking for some standard plasterboard …

    Gypsum plasterboard or drywall enable a quick installation of walls, partitions and ceilings, benefiting the DIYer and professional alike. Our range includes various types of plasterboard such as fireline, moisture resistant, soundbloc and insulated, as well as your standard square edged and tapered edged boards. Choose from a wide selection of plasterboards available via our bulk delivery service.

    Gypsum plasterboard with glass fibre and additional additives to increase the fire protection characteristics with pink paper lining for easy recognition. The additional fire protection properties above standard board products enable the plasterboard to be used in partition, ceiling and steel encasement systems where more stringent fire performance is required such as in domestic separating ...

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