Where can buy kribensis

Where can buy kribensis

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Where can buy kribensis

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    Overview. The Kribensis Cichlid, which originated from Western Africa is tank-raised and is one of the easier African Cichlids to breed. They have an elongated shape and are black in color with a yellow stripe and red belly. The belly takes on a more vivid red …

    Welcome to Live Fish Direct where you have the unique opportunity to buy Live African Cichlids and other Freshwater Tropical Aquarium Fish direct from the source, where retailers across the United States order from. We have experienced aquarium fish …


     · How and where to buy kribensis. A good place to buy is from online sources such as gumtree, aquarist classified, craiglist from a private breeder. You can also buy from your local aquarium store. Be wary of buying from your large pet chain …


     · The kribensis fish is indigenous to Africa, specifically in Nigerian rivers. The common kribensis varieties, which are found in shops, are native to different rivers, and this has led to a large variety in what we now know as ‘kribensis fish.’ The kribensis is often found in freshwater rivers.


     · A dwarf cichlid, kribensis is a colorful fish that's easy to care for. Its Latin name translates to "beautiful belly." During the spawning season, the female sports a brilliant, cherry-red colored belly. Kribensis fish originate in the African waters of southern Nigeria and the coastal areas of Cameroon.

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