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    Set of 4 Alloy Wheels. From $919.00. OZ Racing Rally Racing (Special Offer) Graphite. Set of 4 Alloy Wheels. From $969.00. OZ Racing Italia 150 5 Stud Gloss Black. Set of 4 Alloy Wheels. From $969.00. OZ Racing Leggera HLT (Special Offer) Grigio Corsa.

    Discover all OZ Racing and MSW alloy wheels made in Italy and MSW. Discover the new models of OZ and its brands with NAD approval and TUV certification.

    AMG Australia for the last 20 years have been importing and distributing the world’s finest brand of wheels such as OZ Racing, BBS and HRE Wheels. Our knowledge of high performance vehicles and quality product sets us apart from our competitors. With over 800 resellers nationally you can be sure to find a reseller close to you.

    An Italian manufacturer known for their quality and style (aren't they all), OZ specialise in the design and fabrication of alloy wheels for both high performance sports cars and motorcycles. Unlike many manufacturers, OZ produce a specialist range of motorcycle alloy wheels to allow bikers to improve the look and performance of their machines as well as car tuners and racers. Founded in Rossano Veneto in Italy in 1971, OZ - or OZ …

    Oz Racing alloy wheels are the perfect fusion between performance, construction quality and design. Safety, entertainment and calmness while driving start from here. All our alloy wheels are conceived, hand-built and tested in Italy. Picture yourself while driving. It’s just you, the familiar sound of the engine and the road twisting and turning in front of you. It’s a total moment, where space and time blend with speed. It’s a special instant just for you and your car. That’s why OZ ...

    17" OZ Racing Alleggerita HLT Matt Black. Set of 4 Alloy Wheels. From $2,129.00. 17" OZ Racing Alleggerita HLT Matt Black Wider Rear. Set of 4 Alloy Wheels. From $2,149.00. 17" OZ Racing Alleggerita HLT Matt Bronze. Set of 4 Alloy Wheels. From $2,129.00.

    OZ has earned its distinction as a truly superior Italian wheel manufacturer. In nearly 45 years of history it has worked with the most highly-acclaimed automobile manufacturers, including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Aston Martin, Lotus and McLaren. These partnerships have resulted in exclusive projects and wheels that contain the highest and most innovative levels of technology and design, so much so that they are preserved and displayed in the OZ wheel museum, located at OZ ...

    OZ Wheels: One Alleggerita, Eight Different Colors …black aftermarket wheels with a set that truly pops on any vehicle. The O.Z. Alleggerita HLT wheel is an alloy wheel that comes in eight different finishes, which makes it an excellent aftermarket wheel choice for any driver that wants to express their individuality. O.Z. Racing never compromises…

    As well as distribution centers all over Australia, we have four state of the art stores in NSW, ACT, VIC and QLD. Each of our stores is unique and aims to provide our customers with the ultimate shopping experience. Plus, they’re all staffed with wheel, tyre and suspension experts.

    Wheelbase Alloys are the UK's top discount alloy wheels and tyres specialists for Cars, Vans, 4x4s & SUVs. Our secure website is open 24/7 for you to discover and buy our wide range of new alloy wheels & tyres. With 24 hour delivery available, you can rest assured that your rims will be delivered fast. To help you find compatible products specifically for your own vehicle, we highly recommend that you use the easy to use wheel …

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