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Where to buy ojai pixies

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    Where to Buy Ojai Pixies You can buy Ojai Pixie Tangerines at Certified Farmers Markets around Southern California, at retail outlets around the country, and Direct. …

    Ojai Pixie Tangerine Growers grow the best springtime tangerines. 52 tangerine growers – family-scale farmers all of us – have a total of about 25,000 tangerine trees in southern California’s beautiful Ojai Valley. Our tangerines come ripe sometime in March, and we sell them both wholesale and direct for as long as we have fruit to sell, usually sometime in May or June.

    Where To Buy Ojai Pixie Tangerines. Ojai Pixies everywhere! SOCIAL MEDIA: Ojai Pixie Growers have joined the rest of the world on Instagram & Facebook. We’re posting news, pix and videos as the season unfolds. Meet us on Instagram. Check our our Facebook page. MAILING LIST: Sign up for our “Ojai Pixie Alert” Mailing List. We will send you an e-mail at the start of each year’s Ojai ...

    However, a group of growers in Ojai, California discovered that Pixie Tangerines grown in Ojai are wonderfully delicious. They are now available in grocery stores all over the country, as well as farmer-direct in southern California.

    Ojai Pixie growers have been growing Pixies since the 1960’s and in our experience this variety of tangerine is extremely sensitive to microclimates even within the small valley of Ojai. Another difficulty in growing Pixies is that they are quite alternate bearing, only producing a larger crop every other year. The other difficult thing is a new disease transmitted by the dreaded

    Ojai Pixie Tangerines bear small to medium-sized citrus, having pebbly textured, yellow-orange rinds with loose skins that peel easily. The segments separate neatly for a quick snack, making them a great choice for eating out of hand.

    Kishu Mandarins and Ojai Pixie Tangerines by mail order Certified Organic. Churchill Orchard is out in the East End of the Ojai Valley where the fruit ripens a little later — but it’s worth waiting for. Our Seedless Kishu mandarin mail order season usually starts at the end of January and our Pixies and avocados start right around April. We can ship our boxes of Pixies or Kishus throughout ...

    The Pixie trees grew well, and when Emily and George were young they would consume much of the crop before the fruit could make it to market; really, kids can eat a lot of Ojai Pixies. Fruit in OrchardFollowing in their parents footsteps all 5 of the grandkids (from 9yrs old to 1 year old) love to eat Pixies and run into the orchards searching for the best ones!

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