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Where to buy cdt audio

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    During these unprecedented times, CDT Audio is completely open for all on-line business. We assure all our customers that that we are taking every precaution to make sure our high end quality sound systems are safely delivered at your door. The health and safety of our all of our customers and employees is most important to us.

    Build your own unique CDT Audio System for a fraction of the regular price, from $99.99 to $499.99! Sets. CDT Audio HD-65S/20.2 Product Details > Regular Price: $200.00 . Now only $149.99! Price (incl. warranty) Quantity: CDT Audio HD-65S/26.2 Product Details > Regular Price: $250.00 ...

    The exceptional sound quality of JAY'S AUDIO CDT/P wins many audiophile hearts especially the price and performance ratio is simply unbeatable. The CDT2-MK3 variant aims to capture music lovers who already own a decent DAC where the CD Transport will be feeding the 16bits, 44.1kHz signal through HDMI i2s / Coax / AES EBU to.

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