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Where is bottleneck from

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     · The Bottleneck is a location along the South-East Spur (also known as Abruzzi Spur), the most-used route to the summit of K2, the second-highest mountain in the world, in the Karakoram, on the border of Pakistan and China. The Bottleneck is a narrow couloir, which is overhung by seracs from the ice field east of


     · From what you explained your connection is likely to be the bottleneck. Also, you might also consider caching data at the satellite location. The decision will depend on the following: - how many rows and how often data are updated in the main database - how often you need to load the same data set at satellite location. Two edge examples:

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Bottleneck caused by construction. A traffic bottleneck is a localized disruption of vehicular traffic on a street, road, or highway. As opposed to a traffic jam, a bottleneck is a result of a specific physical condition, often the design of the road, badly timed traffic lights, or sharp curves.

    If you see that your workflow is unpredictable and operates in bursts, you have a bottleneck somewhere instead of a smooth flow. The real issue lies in pinpointing it and setting an appropriate countermeasure. In Lean Management, to detect a bottleneck, you can use several Kanban bottleneck analysis tools.


     · Where is my bottleneck? USB 2.0 Speed; Speed of the external HDD; Processor of the laptop? The bottlenecks are in the same sequence you have them listed. As mention before the two first points are close together, whereas you are very far from having a CPU bottleneck.

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