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    The German Autobahn has taken on an almost legendary mystique. The reality is a little different than the legend. The myth of no speed limits is countered by the fact that Tempolimits are a fact of life on most of Germany’s highways, and traffic jams are common. Signs suggesting a recommended speed limit of 130 km/h (80 mph) are posted along


     · Germany has its beer and sausages, its sauerkraut, its Christmas markets, and all the other things that people abroad call to mind when they think about the country. And, of course, there is the...


     · The Autobahn in Germany is the highway system throughout Germany. Its official name is the Bundesautobahn (federal highway), built to reach cities by car in the fastest way. It is access-controlled and only allows vehicles that can go faster than 60 km/h (37,3 mph).

    Autobahn in Germany. The German Autobahn are famous because they are some of the few public roads in the world without blanket speed limits for cars and motorcycles. Lack of blanket speed limits does not appear to negatively impact the road safety of Autobahn compared with motorways in other countries; motorways are safer than other road types.

    The autobahn’s total length is 12.996 kilometres, enough to drive from Berlin to Darwin in Australia! The longest possible fast stretch of autobahn is between Hamburg and Berlin down the A 24 - 150 kilometres of road with no speed limit in sight. Maintaining the autobahn costs …

    Driving on the Autobahn in Germany What is the Autobahn? The Autobahn in Germany is shrouded in mystique. Outsiders rarely understand the many Autobahn rules and regulations surrounding this famous expressway, due in large part to fables of vehicles traveling in excess of 200mph on what is incorrectly understood as a "lawless" highway system.


     · Where is the autobon? Posted on July 1, 2013 by epratt5. 1. Today was not as an eventful day as we’ve had in the past but then again days in Europe, …


     · ...The Autobahn is the federal controlled-access highway system in Germany. It is widely known for having no federally mandated speed limit for many classes of vehicles. However, speed limits are posted in areas that are urbanised, substandard, accident-prone, or under construction.

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