Where are sunnis in iraq

Where are sunnis in iraq

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Where are sunnis in iraq

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     · Iraq's Sunni Arabs inhabit the valleys of the Euphrates above Baghdad, and of the Tigris between Baghdad and Mosul. Sunni Arabs in Iraq …

    Somewhat at odds with the sectarian image of Iraq, the country’s Sunni Arab community defines itself the least via its ethno-religious identity. 81% of Iraqi Sunnis are in favour of a separation of state and re-ligion, while 60% see themselves first as Iraqi rather than Sunni or Arab. Sunnis do not care much for


     · Many of the remaining Sunnis live in provincial towns and rural villages in the so-called Sunni triangle north and west of Baghdad. U.S. forces are facing the most entrenched resistance in …


     · The most important are Iraq’s Shia Arabs (Shiiism is a major branch of Islam), who are the country’s majority and live mostly in the south. In the north and west are Sunni Arabs. Baghdad is mixed Sunni and Shia. And in the far north are ethnic Kurds, who are religiously Sunni, but their ethnicity divides them from Arab Sunnis.

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