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    the fish (to remove the internal organs and entrails of the fish), or eviscerating, removing the scales, head, and fins, and freezing the fish. Some. common forms of marketed finfish. after processing are: drawn fish, dressed/pan-dressed, fillets, steaks, and chunks.

    Fish processing by-products refer to the tissues that remain after much of the fish muscle has been removed and include heads, frames, viscera, and skin, among others. Edible parts such as heads, milt, and stomachs are on occasion collected and sold and some fish skin is made into gelatin or fish leather.


     · 5 Fish Processing and Preservation Postharvest losses of fish reach 35 percent, nearly 25 million tons, of the worId's fishing catch. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has estimated that in some developing countries, postharvest losses of fish exceed those of any other commodity, often surpassing 50 percent of the landed catch.

    The heat exchange process between fish and ice is complex as it takes place between the fish surface and the ice, between the surface of fish and the melting ice water, and also between the fish and the cool air in spaces between the pieces of ice. Overall, it is a dynamic process, changing minute by minute.


     · In Hawaii the commercial fishing industry harvests various types of fish, of which tuna comprises approximately 60% of the total fish landings. Once the fish are processed, a residue, or fish processing waste (FPW), is generated and has to be disposed of properly. Some of this


     · The most popular fish preservation method is solar drying. It is done in combination with salting. Fish dried under the sun look and taste better. Steps in Drying. Wash the fish thoroughly. Soak the fish in 10% brine solution for 1/2 hour to draw out the blood. Squeeze or open the belly cavity. Remove the visceral or internal organs.

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