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    Alterac Valley is a 40 vs. 40 man battleground with several npc's (including Lieutenants, Captians, Commanders, and a general for each team). The basic objective is to kill the opposing teams general. In order to do this you must progress down the map …

    Alterac Valley is a battleground in the continuing war between the Horde and the Alliance. The two opposing sides are the Frostwolf Clan (led by GeneralDrek'Thar) and the Stormpike Guard (also known as the Stormpike Expedition, led by General Vanndar Stormpike), both of whom lay claim to this secluded territory. Alongside the Generals are their two Captains, Captain Galvangar andCaptain Balinda Stonehearth, respectively. Aside from Lake Wintergrasp, Alterac Valley …


     · Alterac Valley also has many lucrative rewards from the Stormpike Guard (Alliance) and Frostwolf Clan (Horde) factions, such as Don Julio's Band. In our detailed guide to Alterac Valley, we will cover everything you need to know to win, including how to queue, important objectives, buffs, quests, and gaining reputation. Alterac Valley Overview Alterac Valley is one of three battlegrounds in ...

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