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Where adjective clauses

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Where adjective clauses

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    Jul 27, 2018

     · The conjunctive adverb (where) can be used in adjective clause to give important or extra information about a location that is mentioned in the main clause. The city where Rahimi lived for a long time is located in Texas. The city in which Rahimi lived for a long time is located in Texas. The city which Rahimi lived in for a long time is located in Texas.

    Using where in adjective clauses. Let's begin with a quick review of adjective clauses. Now adjective clauses are clauses, so they're made of a subject and verb. They start with a relative pronouns like, who, whom, which, that and whose. But what do adjective clauses do? They modify, or in other words, describe nouns. Now here's some example sentences with adjective clauses …

    When the adjective has a verb (like the above examples), they are placed AFTER the noun. In addition, these types of adjectives are called adjective clauses. As we said above, adjective clauses are adjectives, but they look like sentences because they have verbs and nouns.

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