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Systemindex where scope

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Systemindex where scope

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     · Folder depth predicates control the scope of a search by specifying a path and whether to perform a deep or shallow traversal. The following shows the syntax of the folder depth predicates: ... WHERE [ {SCOPE | DIRECTORY}=': [ {SID}]'] …


     · @"WHERE SCOPE = 'file:F:/' AND System.Itemname LIKE '%e%' "; If you see from above code, we have just changed the where clause, in this where clause we have used SCOPE instead of Directory. So when you use SCOPE it searches for all the contents inside the path specified including sub-folders and its contents. Using above select query your problem of Search contents on sub …


     · Following the SELECT statement, you use the FROM clause to specify where to search for matching documents. The following is the syntax of the FROM clause for a local query: FROM [.]SystemIndex. Currently, Windows Search supports only one catalog, SystemIndex.


     · SELECT system.title, system.itemname, system.filename,,, System.ItemPathDisplay, FROM server.SYSTEMINDEX WHERE SCOPE = 'file://server/References/' ORDER BY system.filename. but with this query, I have good result.

    SELECT System.ItemName, System.ItemPathDisplay, System.ItemType, System.Search.Rank FROM servername.SYSTEMINDEX WHERE SCOPE='file://servername/WebContent' AND System.ItemType <> 'Directory' AND ( CONTAINS(System.Search.Contents,'*asdf*') OR CONTAINS(System.FileName,'*asdf*') )


     · My query to SystemIndex is formatted like so: "SELECT System.FileName, System.ItemPathDisplay, System.DateModified FROM SystemIndex WHERE SCOPE = '" + Scope + "' AND CONTAINS('" + Contains + "')" Select all Open in new window. Does anybody know what I can do to get around this issue. All the examples I find online refer to a path that have no spaces, but client …


     · It's using OLE DB api to connect to the indexer service and use a SQL-like syntax to search System objects in its SystemIndex table. You have 4 example queries which do different things. All example queries will search in the c:\ folder for items that contain Test in their names.


     · SELECT TOP 25 System.FileName, System.ItemDate, System.Message.Store, System.Search.Store, System.Kind, System.Search.AutoSummary, System.Search.QueryFocusedSummary From SystemIndex where (System.Kind != Some Array[' folder'] AND System.Kind != SOME ARRAY[' contact']) AND (scope= ' mapi:' OR scope= ' file:') AND …


     · select System.ItemUrl from Computer.SystemIndex where scope='file://Computer/share/' and contains (...) Notice that search restricts the scope to a file protocol, this way remoter search will never return our results. The only way to search in our scope is to perform a local search.

    // the SystemIndex catalog is the default catalog that windows uses CSearchCatalogManager catalogManager = manager.GetCatalog("SystemIndex"); CSearchCrawlScopeManager csm = catalogManager.GetCrawlScopeManager(); // Check to see if our path is already a crawl scope if (!Convert.ToBoolean(csm.IncludedInCrawlScope(ScanPath))) {

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