Place where ostriches live

Place where ostriches live

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Place where ostriches live

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     · Where Do Ostriches Live. Now let’s have a look around about ostrich habitat. Ostrich is an indigenous bird of Africa nevertheless these birds also happened …


     · This article will answer exactly that question and also look at seven interesting facts about ostriches. Where do Ostriches Live. Ostriches are native to Africa, and used to live in the Middle East until they became extinct in the mid 20th century due to excessive hunting. In …


     · Ostriches live in the wild savanna areas of Africa, where there are very few trees and little water. Find out how ostriches are now farmed for meat in the Un...

    Ostriches also live in eastern and southern Africa. The Syrian ostrich (S. camelus syriacus) of Syria and Arabia became extinct in 1941. The ostrich is the only living species in the genus Struthio. Ostriches are the only members of the family Struthionidae in the order Struthioniformes—a group that also contains kiwis, emus, cassowaries, and rheas.

    In this paragraph, I will be talking about where ostriches live, them living in herds, and what they do in these herds. First, ostriches live in African deserts and savannas. These places are extremely hot and dry. During the day these places are hot during the day and has freezing temperatures at night. This animal lives in herds. These herds have usually more than 12 birds in them. On the other hand, when …

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