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    Home. Peren is a distinctive Transylvanian brand producing perennial timepieces. At the heart of each perennial product stands the legacy of elaborate craftsmanship preserved throughout generations. Every Peren watch is manually assembled in Switzerland using only premium quality raw materials and state of the art machinery.

    The pocket Watch ‘Wyler Eugen Hintz | Fagaras’ was produced in the interwar period by the Swiss Watch manufacturer Wyler SA in Biel/Bienne, the same place where we are currently located. Wyler SA was a company founded in 1925 who became well known in the watchmaking world thanks to their patent obtained for the invention of the balance wheel protection known …

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     · Watch-whers, the Dragons' Kin. Watch-whers are creatures taken from the same genetic material used to make the Dragons of Pern. They are not dragons but related to them. One describes a watch-wher are ugly, misshapen and thick scales.

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