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     · It’s been 30-odd years since the movie Revenge­ of the Nerds became a sensation. Even still, it seems Hollywood is only now finally ready to recognize that geek is chic. Over the past decade ...


     · Where Geeks Rule and Chaos Reigns: Inside Fantastic Fest By Jason Guerrasio | September 30, 2014 | 6:09pm Photo courtesy of David Hill Movies Features Fantastic Fest

    Matthew Broderick was the first leading man, movie computer geek star in War Games. He made plugging your phone into a modem, and turning on that nifty audio doo-dad as fun as anything James Bond could pull off. Along with Bridges' Kevin Flynn, Broderick ushered in a golden age of movie computer geekdom.


     · God bless the 80's, and may they live on way after their time! This film captures the 80's geeks, preps, and class rivalry. It was a hard time to fit in, but a fun time, like most teenagers, I had these fantasies that this movie reflects on. I can not believe they got Wes from the Road Warrior to do a part. The scene where the computer animated women talks to Michael Halls parent is hilarious, but sick. …


     · You smell something?" or, as always, "He slimed me!" Perhaps the first truly great geek quotefest. 4. Pulp Fiction: "'What' ain't no country I've ever heard of. They speak English in What?" or ...

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