Miwok where did they live

Miwok where did they live

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Miwok where did they live

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    Where did the Miwok tribe live? Summary and Definition: The Miwok tribe were a California tribe of Native American Indians who were hunter-gathers and fishers. They lived in north-central California , from the Pacific coast to the west slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains .

    Where do the Miwoks live? The Miwoks are original people of Central California. Most Miwok people still live there today. How is the Miwok Indian nation organized? Do they live on a reservation? Most Miwok people live on rancherias, which are parcels of land in the state of California that are similar to reservations. There are five different Miwok rancherias, each with its own tribal leadership. Not all Miwok people today live on these rancherias, however. Some live …

    Miwok, California Indians speaking languages of Penutian stock and originally comprising seven dialectally and territorially discrete branches: the Coast Miwok in an area just north of what is now San Francisco; the Lake Miwok in the Clear Lake Basin; the Bay Miwok (or Saclan), living along the delta of the San Joaquin and Sacramento rivers; the Plains Miwok, living farther up the lower Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers; and, just eastward, three groups of Sierra Miwok…

    Those who study the past, such as ethnographers and archaeologists, refer to all these tribes as Plains Miwok, and they know that these people lived primarily along the Cosumnes and Mokelumne rivers. There were also Coastal Miwok, Great Valley Miwok, and Sierra Miwok. The Miwok history is somewhat obscure, and even though there were seven major languages, we are able to piece together what life …


     · What language did the Miwok tribe speak? The Miwok tribe spoke in seven different dialects of the Penutian language and were comprised of three groups. The Coast Miwok, the Lake Miwok and the Sierra Miwok. The Coast Miwok lived along the Pacific Coast (north of San Francisco from present-day Sausalito to Duncan's Point)


     · on the coast. History of the United States 🤝

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