List sort c generic where

List sort c generic where

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List sort c generic where

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    Sort (Int32, Int32, IComparer) Sorts the elements in a range of elements in List using the specified comparer. Sort () Sorts the elements in the entire List using the default comparer. Sort (IComparer) Sorts the elements in the entire List using the specified comparer.

    List.Sort (Generic IComparer) This method sorts the generic list with the compare given in argument. To implement the comparer implement IComparer interface in a separate class like, Listing 9 - - List.Sort (Generic IComparer) implementation. class CustomerNameSort : IComparer.


     · List.Sort() Method is used to sort the elements or a portion of the elements in the List using either the specified or default IComparer implementation or a provided Comparison delegate to compare list elements. There are total 4 methods in the overload list of this method as follows: Sort(IComparer) Sort(Int32, Int32, IComparer) Sort()


     · Here is a generic LINQ extension method that does not create an extra copy of the list: public static void Sort (this List list, Func expression) where U : IComparable { list.Sort ( (x, y) => expression.Invoke (x).CompareTo (expression.Invoke (y))); } To use it: myList.Sort (x=> x.myProperty);


     · The completed example uses a widget class/object to show how a complex comparison function can easily perform very advanced sorting operations for objects. The generic sorter inherits from List with T being the type. List.Sort Method (Generic Comparison)


     · The use of Sort() method will bring the List items in ascending order and so the reverse() will change the order that is descending. Using LINQ orderby keyword for sorting a list The other way of sorting a List is using the Linq in C#.


     · C#. Copy Code. lst.Sort ( delegate (Player x, Player y) { // Sort by total in descending order int a = y.Total.CompareTo (x.Total); // Both player has the same total. // Sort by name in ascending order if (a == 0 ) a = x.Name.CompareTo (y.Name); return a; });


     · You can very easily sort a Generic List using Linq. Take a look at: . Context.Products.Where(p => p.ProductID > 100).OrderBy(p => p.CategoryID).ThenBy(p => p.Description).ToList(); Sorts the Products list first on CategoryID and after that on Description.

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